Computer vision-based services

We create complex solutions for automation and security enhancement based on biometrics

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Automatization of access to the territory

Face2Pass service uses facial recognition of employees to control access to the facility

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  • Vehicle parking access control
  • Enhancement the security of data storage according to Federal Law NO. 152-FZ
  • Increased speed of the facilities pass entry system
  • Integration with employee monitoring software system and PACS
  • Faceface2Pay logoPay

    Payment system based on facial recognition

    Allowsclients to pay for goods and services via facial recognition

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  • Faceface2Security logoSecurity

    Biometric workplace security control

    Eliminates the possibility of gaining access to unauthorized workstations and lets users use biometrics to confirm important transactions

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  • Faceface2Loyalty logoLoyalty

    Loyalty system based on facial recognition

    Allows for personalized terms and discounts without the use of plastic cards

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One control point of operation - many points of application

Synchronization with popular PACS provides maximum convenience for system users and operators and integration with cash register system allows you to create a smooth user experience of interaction with customers

A single point of registration and employee and customer management

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Available Features:

  • Access to the territory, facility
  • Parking access control
  • Payment at a cash register
  • access to the workstation
  • Partner discount programs



    Terminal for automating on-site entry through biometrics

  • INOFACE 13”

    Terminal for payments and bio-acquiring


    Terminal for the automation of vehicle access to the parking lot

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Terminals certified in compliance with GOST 30805.13-2013, GOST R (Russian National Standard) 51318.20-2-12 and meets the requirements of TR CU 020/2011

Opportunities for partners

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    A cloud-based solution

    Face2Pass, Face2Pay and Face2Loyalty services are available online

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    Services can be integrated with any PACS and security systems

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    Secure like in a bank

    High standards of data storage and processing

  • Documentation

The service is developed on the basis of machine learning. Every time a user passes a terminal, the service memorizes their appearance and adds it to the database.

Purchasing options

Single payment

Payment is made once after equipment has been installed and debugged. Maintenance and replacement of equipment will not be performed.

Service model payment

Payment to be made on a regular basis. The equipment will be installed and debugged. Afterwards, we will perform maintenance, support and replacement of the equipment.

Full cycle of operations from project development and cost estimates to commissioning and maintenance

Applications of biometric facial recognition technology

  • Government agencies

    • The pass-entry system
    • Workplace discipline management
    • Control of access to secured information
  • Educational institutions

    • The pass-entry system
    • The record of entry and exit times
    • Meals with face authorization
  • Monetary organizations

    • Authorization of employees at workstations
    • Confirmation of important transactions using biometrics
  • Residential apartment complexes

    • Resident access system
    • Pass entry system for vehicles by license plate numbers
  • Secure facilities

    • Multilevel pass entry system
    • Access management and control
  • Shopping, entertainment and hotel complexes

    • Contactless service payment
    • Access for visitors and staff
  • Transport companies

    • Contactless fare payment
    • Passenger flow control
    • Monitor employee access to high security facilities
  • Car parking

    • Contactless access by license plate number or biometrics
    • Registration of entries and exits

Implemented projects

  • logo Ak Bars

    Access control system in an office building

  • Logo cava

    A facial recognition payment system in the Cava chain coffee shops

  • Logo Innopolis

    Available central entrance to the Popov Technopark (Innopolis city)

  • Collection of biometric data is in the office of Center Credit bank (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

    Time tracking at "Timerkhan" Restaurant (Kazan)

    Visitor management with a face identification system in the State Council building of the Republic of Tatarstan


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